WOMENLED2030 is a Women Leadership platform that will bring together a global network of and for women. The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires a true joining of forces by changemakers across the world. Yet, finding trusted collaborators and allies – at home and abroad, and being able to tap into the resources and expertise needed to make change is not easy. In building a more connected global community of changemakers, women leaders play a powerful role. Yet, while women catalyse change every day, we recognize that doing so is not always easy, that women leaders at times face challenges that are gender related, and that a more connected community of female leaders would be of real value but non-existent today. This is why we exist.


WOMENLED2030 aspires to offer a generous, trusted community that can support each other in delivering change, breaking through walls, silos, and ceilings as they endeavour to build a better world. Our mission ‘Connect, support, and celebrate women that make a difference’.


Our hope is to create value for those women that are brought into the network both at a local level, between regions, and at a global level. While the exact setup and value proposition of the network will follow from an initial design phase, our main premise will be that the community is led by and for women leaders in sustainability.


Our ‘theory of change’ builds on the three pillars of our mission. Through our three pillars, connect, support, and celebrate, the platform will offer a trusted impact community to women from all countries to face specifically the challenges in relation to sustainable business development in support of the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.



The network will be launched with a focus on today’s women leaders in sustainability. This, to make sure sufficient focus and coherence of the network. In future stages, our intention is however to bring in different generations of women into the network, building a community women where the leaders of tomorrow are lifted up by those that lead today.


Importantly, our aim is to have active women leaders from all countries represented in the platform. A special focus will be given to connect women leaders in developed countries with women leaders in developing countries worldwide.


Building on the above, the network will in its first phase be an invitation only network, targeting women covering all sectors above. In this phase of work, our focus will lie on curating a small, yet close knit community of women leaders, to establish proof of concept, and determine and unlock the value of the network.


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Connect, support and celebrate women that make a difference!

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